Welcome to the world of WIBLI

This website offers a series of add-on buttonbars, designed to enhance your experience of using some of the leading-edge applications for RISC OS.

Ever wanted a 'Save as Word' button for Icon Technology's EasiWriter and TechWriter document processors?
Cut'n'paste icons? A shortcut for 'Add bookmark'?
Or a more visual approach to editing tables?
Then you're in luck, because WIBLI offers all this and more.

And if you create your vector-graphic masterpieces on the gorgeous, electronic canvas that is ArtWorks 2, generate PDFs using RiScript, or get textual with StrongED, then bijou buttonbars are available for your delight and delectation too. Enjoy!

Picture of the WIBLI buttonbar

View some screenshots of WIBLI in action...

Download WIBLI for EasiWriter 8.60 (Updated: 12/05/06)
Download WIBLI for TechWriter 8.60 (Updated: 12/05/06)

Download WIBLI for EasiWriter 8.50 (Updated: 21/12/05)
Download WIBLI for TechWriter 8.50 (Updated: 21/12/05)

Download WIBLI for older versions of EasiWriter
Download WIBLI for older versions of TechWriter

Download MiniBarAW for ArtWorks

Download RiScrptBar for RiScript

Download SEDBar for StrongED (Updated: 26/08/05)

Download the d-lite font:
(only useful if you want an inexact differential)

Download the Hubworld and Medieval add-on levels for !Islands, a RISC OS adaptation of the boardgame Risk (Updated: 21/11/07)

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